Empire reveals top 20 Pixar characters

this particular one has the added benefit of offering some trivia tidbits about some of the characters along the way.

What did this supposed reader poll reveal? Well, Buzz Lightyear came in as number 1, which seems only fitting for the spaceman determined to reach infinity or beyond. Given my own son’s infatuation with him for years, I can’t argue. (I remember the year of the Buzz Lightyear birthday party like it was yesterday. We played pin the alien in the spaceship.) Buzz is the one to beat, surely.

In second place is Mike Wazowski from Monsters, Inc. I’m okay with that, but this is where I start to get a little confused, because Sulley only made number 7 on the list, and poor Boo is only number 12. (But I have viewed Monsters, Inc. more times than I care to admit, and I did not know the provided trivia tidbit, which is that Boo’s real name is Mary, after the toddler who voiced her.)

Despite the wild popularity of Cars, Mater doesn’t hit the list until number 17, with little Guido just squeaking in at number 20. Toy Story is clearly the big winner, with 6 of its characters making the top 20.

Check out the line-up, then check out the irate comments posted to the article. Plenty of folks have a favorite who was left off the list (oh, the horror), or disagree vehemently with someone who did make the list. I’m not sure anyone reminded these folks that we’re talking about made-up characters, but it does make for some entertaining reading.

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