The Wiggles are Getting Strong even without Greg Page

Greg Page left The Wiggles due to health concerns, the group is still going strong with replacement Sam Moran. In fact, this has been a pretty exciting week for the children’s musical sensation. Although many bands cannot withstand the loss of a core member, The Wiggles are still a household name and they’ve just released another DVD and are about to tour again:

On Tuesday, the group released “Getting Strong” in the United States, its 28th DVD and the first without Page. They’re also getting ready to set out on their third U.S. tour of the year.

The Wiggles, as most parents know, are as ubiquitous as sippy cups and blankies in the preschool set with catchy songs like “Hot Potato,” and “Fruit Salad” that can wedge themselves into the brain for days.

Has Moran lived up to Page’s legacy? See a clip from the new DVD here, where he seems quite at home. And yes, I do have “Hot Potato” stuck in my head now, thanks.

(You can, of course, purchase Getting Strong! right here at Ty’s Toy Box—both the DVD and the CD are available.)

Although I still maintain that poor Sam should’ve gotten his own shirt color, he seems to be adjusting well. It sounds like the group can’t resist a bit of ribbing, though:

“Sam’s been a mate of ours for years and of Greg’s, and stepped in for Greg many times so it wasn’t hard from an entertainment point of view,” Field said.

But he said they still give Moran a hard time.

“We just constantly tease him about being the new guy. If we’re still around in 15 years, we’ll still be teasing him about being the new guy,” Field said.

Field said they let Moran get behind the wheel of the Big Red Car, but they put learner plates (for new drivers) on it before his first official gig.

Well, hopefully the release of Getting Strong! will give Moran that last bit of boost from “new guy” to “just one of the guys.” Congratulations to all of The Wiggles, and have a great tour!

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4 thoughts on “The Wiggles are Getting Strong even without Greg Page

  1. I’m sorry, I think you’re wrong—————I (we) see a big difference in the New Wiggles. Our grandson doesn’t really get into it like he used to, before you always saw the Big Red Car, the guys were actually outside (a big deal now a days), now it’s just a big GREEN SCREEN, the show has an introduction that it too long, the segments are at such a slow pace. SORRY guys but if you’re getting too tired of moving and moving and moving—-try something else, AND WHAT EVER WERE YOU THINKING OF GETTING RID OF THE CAPT. FEATHERSWORDS CREW? YOU NEED TO GET THE ACTION BACK INTO THE SHOW!!!!!We had this show on record everyday, we watched in misery for 2 weeks. Sorry but we’ll continue to watch our DVD’s and past wiggles shows we recorded. I guess we’ll check back at another time to see any IMPROVEMENTS! (P.S. I thought the Wiggles were a group, you know All as one? It seems to us that the wiggles turned into a (basically) one man show, there is more than Anthony who puts alot into this once was a GREAT kids active show, share some time with the others please! Thank you for the great times our family has shared with you ALL! Hot Potato, Rompbompastomp, Big red Car, Everybody clap, etc…We really miss this guys

  2. We totally agree……there is a BIG difference between Greg and The Wiggles, and The Wiggles who are performing today. I’ve seen Greg called “the voice of reason” in the group, and I think that is probably the truth. The Wiggles seem to have lost their way, and the days of three early childhood education teachers knowing how to keep it simple (which Anthony used to say was the key to their success) are long gone. It’s not only the green screen (and the fact that so many kids complain that they can’t find the Wiggles in the DVDS any more), but the live shows are now lost in scenery, costumes, and antics that would never have found their way on stage during a Wiggles show a few years back. In a little more than the two years since Greg left, there has been an almost total lack of original songs, and it seems logical to conclude that this is because he is no longer there to contribute to the songwriting. I understand there may be some attempt going on now to turn some of these things around, but I have a feeling it will only be half-hearted as some in the group seem determined to turn the The Wiggles completely upside down. Sadly, The Wiggles ended for us when Greg retired, and we have no interest in what they have become. Thank God for sixteen years of DVDS, CDS, and with Greg. We can still enjoy the wonderful classic songs, the teaching through entertainment, and the camaraderie that once existed between the guys.