Hug your pumpkins tight

Newborn babies are awesome. You bring one home and the world seems full of possibilities. In those early days of parenthood, one thing is certain: You will be the greatest mom (or dad) ever.

(Let’s pause while seasoned parents have a good guffaw over that.)

And aside from the fact that they don’t sleep very often and some of them tend to barf a lot, babies are loads of fun. They’re warm and squishy and cuddly and you can dress them up however you want and they never, ever say, “Mooooooooom! I wouldn’t be caught dead in this!”

Yep. All too soon we come to realize that we’re not perfect parents (most of us don’t even come close), it’s just that for a while they couldn’t complain.

And so it is with a mixture of nostalgia and resignation that I approach Halloween every year. Once upon a time I selected the cutest costumes and put them on my unsuspecting babies and all was right with the world. Now they’re older and for some reason they seem to have their own ideas about what they should wear. And for some reason that doesn’t include going trick-or-treating as Elmo or Piglet. Hmph.

Heck, they’re not even willing to go as Robin and Raven again (their costumes from a couple of years ago), although I suspect that protestation has more to do with wanting new costumes than thinking that those get-ups are uncool.

“How about we go as Pirates of the Caribbean?” they asked, as I browsed the Ty’s Costume Shop a few nights ago.

“How about I just make you both GIANT PUMPKIN outfits?” I countered, just to see the look of abject horror on their faces.

They do grow up entirely too fast. If yours are still little enough to con into the costumes of your choosing, enjoy it. And take lots of pictures. (And take heart; in a few years you can show those pics to their prom dates!)

[Photo credit: Encyclopædia Britannica Online]

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