New Wallace and Gromit short film announced

I read it over on Yahoo! and then had to run over to the Wallace and Gromit site to watch the little video announcement (which is just as cute as you’d imagine, with a guy in a Gromit suit running around and Nick Park so adorable you’ll want to pinch his cheeks).

“In this film Wallace and Gromit have got a new business, they’re into baking and they’ve built a windmill on the top of their house to grind the corn, to bake the bread and with a dough-to-door delivery service,” he said.

The film, which also sees cheese-fan Wallace develop a new love interest in the guise of a woman called Piella, will be co-written with Bob Baker who collaborated on previous successful outings for the animated duo.

So, yes, it’s true: Wallace and Gromit will star in “Trouble at Mill” next year, which is the good news. The bad news for those of us Stateside is that it will be shown on the BBC. I’m sure it’ll work its way across the pond eventually, but we’re going to have to wait for it.

While you wait, definitely do check out the the Wallace and Gromit site if you haven’t been there in a while. They seem to be adding new things all the time. You can enter the Creation of the Month contest and possibly score a signed print of your creation! And their themed companion site for schools has some stuff the kids will absolutely love.

Best of all? In the announcement video Park mentions starting a blog. I assume he’s referring to the production video blog but maybe he means a different, upcoming, one. (What would be better than one blog? Two blogs, of course!)

More details about the upcoming film can be found here, and you may wish to skip it if you don’t want any spoilers… but I’m just going to tell you, they use the phrase “a Matter of Loaf and Death.” Classic.

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