Get ready for Shocktober on Nickelodeon

Oh, I know how you’re feeling. I do. “School just started again!” you’re lamenting. “It can’t possibly be time for Halloween mania already!” But alas, I am here to tell you that no matter how busy your days nor how perplexed you are over how this happened, October is almost here. And that means Halloween is coming.

(Do I even need to tell you that you need to be getting on the stick about buying costumes? Here, go have a look at this year’s stock at Ty’s before all the other slacker parents remember they need costumes. I’m partial to the Miss Spider costumes but my rotten children want something scary. Hmph.)

Anyway, the Halloween programming over at Nickelodeon has been announced, and there’s something for everyone, starting in just a couple of weeks. There’s iCarly and Naked Brothers Band and other TEENick offerings, and plenty of Nick Jr. options for the little ones (Wonder Pets, Backyardigans, Blues Clues, Max and Ruby, to name just a few) and everything in-between. Of particular interest (aside from the programming schedule):

Nickelodeon’s kids’ websites, and Nicktropolis, will also dress up in costume to complement “Shocktober.” Throughout the month of October, Nick’s virtual world, Nicktropolis (, will transform its Downtown into a haunted destination featuring a Haunted House, Dracula’s Lair and The Mummy’s Tomb. Kids can visit a pumpkin patch and pick one to put in their personalized rooms, or play a brand new online multiplayer game as team werewolf or vampire, with a goal of persuading the other species to join their team.

Beginning Saturday, October 13, will introduce a scream-themed mini-site — — featuring scary games and videos for Halloween. Kids can log on and participate in the “Scare-acter Transformer” online kids’ game where they can transform their favorite Nicktoon character into a “Scare-acter” with scary parts or swapping body parts with other Nicktoon characters. The “scare-acters” can then be submitted online into the “Shocktober Halloween Parade,” and Nickelodeon will randomly pick some to display on the bottom of the screen during the on-air Halloween Day marathon on Wednesday, October 31.

So there’ll be plenty to do, next month, and only some of it will involve pumpkin guts. I know you’re relieved.

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