Honey, does this movie make me look fat?

(At right: A screen capture from the upcoming Disney movie Enchanted. The Prince is telling Giselle that he’s found a soda that is refreshing and full of vitamins! She is, of course, understandably thrilled.)

Oh, we knew it was coming. The giant marketing machine behind licensed property conglomerates has been shying away from the appearance of promoting unhealthy foods to our kids, which is—I would argue—as it should be. However, maybe you (like me) didn’t think it all the way through, to wonder with what, exactly, these advertising venues would be replaced. Because if Disney decides to ditch the Happy Meals, folks, did you really think they’d just stop advertising? Of course not. There has to be a newer, more acceptable path. Right?

Check out the latest over at Jim Hill Media, where Hill asks whether Enchanted‘s marketing plan will make a difference:

Starting the middle of next month, Walt Disney Pictures will be teaming with Nutrisodas┬«, a carbonated nutrient-enchanced beverage, to help raise awareness of this Kevin Lima film. These drinks — which feature natural fruit flavors as well as a meaningful level of vitamins & minerals — contain absolutely no sugar or caffeine.

Not only that, but Mickey has also gotten in bed with The Little Gym folks. You know? That international chain that uses gymnastics to help kids develop motor skills? Now through October 19th, any child who signs up for fall classes will automatically receive two free passes to “Enchanted.” Plus anyone who takes part in a free trial class will then be entered in The Little Gym Family Getaway Enchanted Sweepstakes. Which features a grand prize where a family of four will be flown out to Hollywood to attend the world premiere of this new Walt Disney Pictures release.

This is the new face of marketing, where you only see (and hopefully, associate) a movie with healthy things. Will it pay off?

Mickey is hoping that “Enchanted” will be the very first feel-good movie that actually encourages people to start adopting more health-concious habits.

So what do you folks think? Should the Walt Disney Company be commended for trying to associate “Enchanted” ‘s release with healthier food choices & physical activity? Or is this just an empty gesture by a well-meaning executive that will ultimately have little or no real impact on the movie-going public?

I’m no industry expert, but I can say with confidence that I have never picked which movie to see based upon who I found staring back at me on my soda can. Maybe that’s just me, though.

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