Shopping at Ty’s just went mobile

I firmly believe in opposing—yet complementary—forces in the universe. Light and dark. Yin and yang. Good and evil. (No, this is not where I light incense and start chanting. Just stay with me, here.)

It may surprise you to learn that your humble Toy Box Mommy daily engages in a struggle between two forces within herself. (It also may surprise you to learn that I am apparently now referring to myself in the third person.) Yes, my friends, it’s true; while some people have a devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other, I have a Luddite on one shoulder and a techno-geek on the other. (I always did insist on being different.) I love technology and I hate technology. And I don’t think I’m alone in this.

So it is with a mixture of intrigue and trepidation that I let you know that Ty’s Toy Box has partnered with mPoria and now has a mobile storefront:

“mPoria has tremendous market expertise and a proven, cost-effective and easy-to-use solution,” said Jim Simpson, VP Logistics, Technology and CRM, TysToyBox, LLC. “We deployed our mobile shopping site in less than 24 hours. Now customers looking for the latest licensed brands and products can find us via our on-line store or, with the help of their cell phones, anytime, anywhere at”

The Luddite on my shoulder is scoffing that now I’ve seen it all, and isn’t it bad enough that we’re all attached to our cell phones 24/7? What about the simpler lives we all used to lead? And why don’t you kids get off my lawn?

The techno-geek in me ran for my cell phone to test it out. Yep, it works great—the navigation is simple and the product photos are there, too. How great is this? I don’t even need my computer handy to place an order!

I once started to add up all the time I’ve spent in my life sitting in the carpool pick-up lane, or at sports practice, or at piano lessons… and then I had to stop, because it was entirely too depressing. And how many of us have been sitting somewhere waiting for our children while we mentally tick through all the things we need to do? Stop at the dry cleaners, pick up groceries, find a present for that birthday party the kids have on Saturday, etc. If I can take care of one of those tasks from my phone while I’m sitting there not doing anything else, so much the better.

Sorry, Luddite on my shoulder. I think I have to give this one a thumbs-up. (But I’d be happy to go outside and tell those neighbor kids to get off the lawn, if that’ll make you feel better.)

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