Justice League movie news

Justice League is being made into a live-action movie? No? Hey, that’s alright. I barely remember, myself… seeing as how that was back at the beginning of March.

So what’s been happening in the last six months? Details have been few and far between, and Obsessed With Film has the latest:

From our initial casting scoop I speculated that the movie might lens in Canada due to the presence of more offices up there than in the US, however it looks like that won’t be the case.

Thanks to info sent to us, primarily from an OWF reader in the Australian film community, we’ve now got several more bits of Justice League information to share with you:

The studio has greenlit the project as their summer 2009 tentpole. Filming for the principals will take place in Sydney from February to June 2008 – George Miller was unsurprisingly listed as director in the info we got.

Auditions are starting up down under with Nikki Barrett (Baz Luhrmann’s Australia, The Proposition) hired to handle the casting in Australia. Ronna Kress (Beowulf, The Mummy 3) will oversee the entire casting process.

Oscar-winner Barrie M. Osborne (The Lord of the Rings, The Matrix) will take on producing duties; he’ll be joined by Miller’s partner Doug Mitchell.

Things seem to be pulling sharply into focus as the weeks progress, and with Osborne they have a top A-list producer who’s ideal to make a film of this size… but it’d still be nice to hear some official word from the studio.

Wait, all of this has been unofficial? You’d think they’d be hyping the heck out of this project. Instead, it’s “they’re in Canada!” and “No, wait, they’re in Australia!” and fans hanging on by their fingernails to hear more. Why all the secrecy? Well, OWF has that figured out as well:

I find Warners’ secrecy frustrating because, after all, they are just a movie studio making a comic film and not the CIA planning to take down a terrorist cell. However there’s a myriad of DC Comics films that have crumbled in various stages of production so the they have reason to be overly cautious with this one.

Makes sense, I suppose.

And I’m not convinced that the CIA isn’t involved. This is the Justice League, after all….

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