Skunk Fu coming to the Kids’ WB

the real story:

The story of Skunk Fu begins with the Stork, whom being shortsighted, accidentally delivers an animal of eastern descent to China.

Right. Because there aren’t any skunks in China? Also, we’re still using the whole stork story thing? My head hurts already.

Skunk is a hyperactive and fun-seeking animal; fortunately for him, the kind and well-meaning Panda raised him and continues to teach him the ways of the world. Included in these teachings are martial arts, kung fu, whose philosophical disciplinary strategies enable the soul to flex and form with any variety of circumstances.

Ah, yes. Now we’re making sense. I can remember learning all about how pandas are known for being Chinese, eating bamboo, and being kung fu masters. Obviously.

As Skunk slowly picks up eastern martial arts and attempts to pay attention to wise old Panda’s exercises in philosophical discussion and debate, he becomes more and more aware of a danger that exists in The Valley� a centuries-old battle in which Skunk is destined to play the savior.

Hmmmm. A danger in The Valley, eh? One which only a skunk can save everyone from? Is it… a particularly overwhelming air freshener? One of those vanilla-scented car deodorizers, perhaps? Oh! Wait! I know! The stuff flight attendants use to clean up after people puke, I bet!

The good animals of The Valley live in fear of the evil Dragon, whose historic if not legendary lust for power and control has resulted in many years of fear and suffering for the region. With his minions always out and about—such as lead henchman Baboon and the army of Ninja Monkeys—Dragon is full of pride and isn’t willing to back down from ages of struggle. In the face of this danger, Skunk would rather practice cool new kung fu moves and have fun rather than study the art of Zen and fight off recurrent attacks from Dragon. Yet, with the assistance of additional animals—the combat-ready Rabbit, the skillful Fox, the cowardly Tiger—Skunk may be able to master his mysterious “defense mechanism” and turn the tide in this ageless war in The Valley.

Okay, a dragon is not nearly as interesting to me as air freshener, but I’ll try to keep an open mind. They kind of had me at ninja monkeys, anyway.

A comedy whose characters enjoy being themselves as much as they enjoy interacting with the defining characteristics of others, Skunk Fu (52×13) tells a tale of good versus evil in flash animation with comedy, action and intrigue, like so few other television animation productions. Skunk Fu is about a hero’s journey� but the series is also about the many amusing things that happen along the way. Cited by Betsy McGowen, Kids’ WB! svp and gm as a program with a style and flavor that fits perfectly into the Kids’ WB! line-up, Skunk Fu is the sixth new series coming to the programming block for the 2007-2008 slate.

This is one to keep in mind as the new seasons start rolling out next month. Despite the premise confusing me a little (and if you think I didn’t go do a Google search just to verify that there are, indeed, skunks in China, well then you haven’t been reading me for very long), it sounds like just the sort of thing the kids might really like.

Plus, it does roll off the tongue nicely. Time for Skunk Fu! PU, I smell Skunk Fu. What? You don’t like it? Well Skunk Fu. Heh.

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3 thoughts on “Skunk Fu coming to the Kids’ WB

  1. wow i just love skunk fu all the characters are so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeee wow but i dont understand why cant skunk fight acctually i just the show one time so i cant understand he should be fighting and taking all th glory right

  2. Skunk Fu’s a good show. I’ve watched it a few times on Cartoon Network, and I was impressed. As far as animated series go that use Flash Animation, it really is at the top of it’s game, it looks great.
    I hope it sticks around for a while longer, it really stands out and shines among a lot of animated shows today.

  3. skunk fu is a good show in fact its so good it selling skunk fu toys and dvds! My favorite character is rabbit and i think its way better than some other shows in CN like dumb flapjack and the boaring hit star wars