Teen Titans are still going (and getting smaller)

When we last left off in the world of Teen Titans, DC Comics was threatening to cancel the Teen Titans Go! series and fans were up in arms. We’re big on the TTG series here, so I was hoping it wasn’t true.

Now I’m reading conflicting information and I’m really confused. The fact that I’m confused is nothing new or particularly surprising, but the trying to figure out what’s really happening here is a convoluted process.

Here’s what I know for sure: Tiny Titans was announced last week as an upcoming comic aimed at the 3+ set. Look at that picture, there. Aren’t they adorable? I mean, creepy and strange, but cute? It sort of reminds me of Muppet Babies. Hopefully Tiny Titans will be better than muppets in diapers. Let’s hope.

You can learn more about Tiny Titans over at Wizard Entertainment; I have to admit, as weird as the concept seemed to me at first blush, it doesn’t sound half bad.

Here’s what I’m not sure about: On August 10th, Newsarama confirmed that Teen Titans Go! was being canceled, and I sort of figured that it must be true because the source was DC Comics’ Jann Jones. They were discussing the genesis of Tiny Titans and this exchange took place:

NRAMA: Before we get too far into things, how will these titles fit within the Johnny DC imprint as it stands? Will they be additions, replacements, or something else?

JJ: We’re going to be losing Teen Titans Go! and Justice League Unlimited in the line that I know of. These titles won’t exactly be replacements for those two, though, they’re something completely different.

So. It’s true, then; TTG is on its way out. Right?

Maybe not. Five days later, TitansGo.net quoted the following, which had been sent in from J. Torres:

Just got back from the Chicago con where much confusion over TTG’s cancellation ensued following the announcement of “Tiny Titans.” I’m still trying to get to the bottom of things, but it looks like after the above interview was posted on Friday afternoon, fans begin mobbing Jann Jones and Dan DiDido at the convention complaining about the pending end of TTG. Next thing you know, Jann is recanting what she said in the interview and Dan’s telling fans that TTG will go on. And late last night, after the DC dinner, Jann did say to me that they weren’t cancelling TTG anymore but didn’t give me any details.

So it might be good news for the Titans all around, or maybe in a few days someone at DC will recant the recanting. It’s been known to happen.

Either way, are you going to pass up an opportunity to see what a toddler Raven is like or how much pizza toddler Beast Boy can eat? Of course you’re not.

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