Starz on Demand presents August animation fests

Thanks to Animated News I now know that I could easily spend my entire August in front of Starz on Demand. Sure, I could spend all of my time at the television just about any time (I mean, if someone would offer to pay me for that instead of working, of course), but this is a true occasion. Why, they’re showing all of my favorite things:

Two great animation festivals take place on Starz On Demand in August – the second annual “Bunny-Palooza,” featuring the world premiere of the bunny version of Napoleon Dynamite and “Starz Toon Fest”, an animated extravaganza featuring the Starz On Demand premiere of Open Season.

“Bunny-Palooza” will feature all of creator Jennifer Shiman’s masterpieces including Superman, Brokeback Mountain, Pulp Fiction, Borat, Pirates of the Caribbean 1 & 2 and Titanic, as well as the world premiere of the Napoleon Dynamite bunny short.

If you’ve been living in a cave and are unfamiliar with the many bunny reenactments of popular movies, you should go check them out because they are simply hilarious. No movie is too complex for 30 seconds of bunny animation, it appears.

(Please note that the bunny reenactments are of movies meant for adults, so don’t go showing those to your kids, please.)

Don’t worry! There’s plenty for the kids, too:

“Starz Toon Fest” is sure to excite those viewers who are young at heart. “Starz Toon Fest” will feature a line-up of the newest box-office blockbusters, including the premiere of Open Season, featuring the voices of Martin Lawrence and Ashton Kutcher. “Starz Toon Fest” will also offer titles such as Cars, Chicken Little, Monster House, The Wild and Valiant.

The Starz Toon Fest will begin this Friday, August 17th. Bunny-Palooza has been running all month, already.

Now you have plenty to do if the heat forces you stay inside, thanks to Starz.

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