Arthur and Matt Damon want your postcards

Once upon a time there were some books written by Marc Brown about an aardvark named Arthur (who, oddly, doesn’t look one bit like an aardvark) who is pretty much your average kid, and that was good. And then there was a TV show on PBS about Arthur and his pals, and that was even better. After a while, there was a spin-off show which was even better still, because (at least in my experience) kids who proclaimed themselves “far too old” for Arthur were still pretty interested in Postcards from Buster, which is—by the way—a really educational show.

How we went from that progression of events to Matt Damon having bear ears is less clear. Hmmm.

The short version is that somehow Arthur and Postcards from Buster sparked a great new idea: Postcards from You. And on September 3rd Matt Damon co-stars to kick it all off:

The Making of Arthur – Matt Damon guest-stars in animated form as the host of a new series, “Postcards from You.” When the Oscar # winning star puts out a call for homemade videos for his TV show, he sets off a frantic rush among Arthur and his gang to film their lives. Could the experiences of kids in Elwood City really interest a television audience? They’ll have to wait and see if Matt Damon thinks so. (Note: This episode promotes the real “Postcards from You” initiative that encourages kids around the country to make their own videos.)Dancing Fools – Mrs. Molina is a teaching a dance class for kids. The class creates the opportunity for some unlikely dance pairings -Muffy and Binky, D.W. and the Tibbles, and, the most unlikely of all, Francine and George. Will the two survive the dance class? Or, could they possibly emerge as the next Fred and Ginger?

Kids may not care about Damon’s animorphic debut, but I’m guessing quite a few moms may set aside what they’re doing to check it out. Just be warned that after this episode, your kids are going to be clamoring for the video camera to send in their own video postcards. Check out the FAQ and Video Tips, then watch some of the clips available for viewing to prepare for making your own.

Good luck tearing yourself away from Damon’s cute little button nose, by the way.

[Hat tip: Pop Candy]

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