It’s coming; High School Musical 2 ready to rock

a High School Musical sequel was coming this summer, it still seemed impossibly far away. But time marches onward, and “coming” now means “one week from today.”

Which means that it’s time for Those In The Know to start talking about how much money it might make.

Sure, we’ve talked before about Disney sequels and whether or not they’re valid standalone entertainment (answer: yes, sometimes), but High School Musical has really been its own beast right from the start. Nevertheless, there’s no overlooking the impact of being a sequel to a wildly popular film.

USA Today asks whether they can do it again, and jump right into the analysis:

“Sequels have a built-in audience. Some people will see one even if it stinks,” says Kirk Wakefield of Baylor University’s music and entertainment marketing program. “The key is whether it sustains, whether it is as good in quality.”

(On behalf of all of America, allow me to say: Duh.)

The discussion that follows runs the gamut, from the type of fans to earnings of the first movie. And then, of course, there’s the inevitable comparison of High School Musical to Grease. The money quote comes right at the end:

After seeing the What Time Is It video, Radio KOL’s Adams says HSM 2‘s prospects are bright. “If that’s anything to go by, it’s going to be even better than the first,” he says.

But one song does not a musical make, Adams adds, and a huge hit can create an even steeper path for a sequel.

Grease 2 wasn’t that good, was it?”

Oh yeah. Good point, that.

I’ll guess we’ll have to wait and see if they can do it again. Expectations are high, and soon we’ll know.

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