Clothes make the villain

I started to write something about the upcoming (last! suspenseful!) Harry Potter book and I just couldn’t do it. You can read about that everywhere. I wanted to offer something else.

And then I stumbled across a lovely diversion over at retroCRUSH. When you think about your first, fondest comic book memories, what comes to mind? The triumph of good over evil? The complicated plots? Or is it that awesome outfit that you sort of wished you had?

(It’s okay, guys. I won’t tell anyone. It doesn’t make you less of a man. Honest!)

You have to love this rundown of The Top 10 Greatest Super Villain Costumes of All Time, whether you look back fondly on Catwoman’s accessory choices or not.

Be warned: Some of the commentary is really not suitable for children. Let’s just say that if you were around when these characters and their associated comic books first came out, you’re old enough to appreciate the piece.

I especially loved this:

Only The Riddler could wear this green spandex number with such studliness. The Riddler also had some cool variants including a green blazer version for the more formal occasions. Plus, the outfit inspired various other super villains, most notably…

Matthew Lesko!

(If that doesn’t make you giggle, you have no soul. I’m just sayin’.)

I’ll confess to being a wee bit disappointed that Galactus only made #4 on the list. That’s quite the outfit, you know. The hat alone should’ve given him a spot in the top 3, dude.

Anyway, if you’re tiring of Potter-anticipation, you may find the piece a welcome respite. Enjoy!

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