More than meets the eye?

This weekend marks an important occasion for most men of my generation. A friend of ours who is a font of TV and film trivia told me this weekend that the decision to make the new Transformers movie was spurred on, in part, by a survey wherein some huge percentage of men in in their thirties and forties listed the death of Optimus Prime as one of the most traumatic events of their childhood. (Note: I don’t know if he made that up, because I can’t find a source. But he tends to Know These Things so I suspect it’s true. Still, I’m not claiming it to be hard fact.)

Whatever the reason, we’ve talked before about how this movie is much more for the demographic that enjoyed the Transformers the first time ’round than for the current (young) fans of the toys. Regardless, the time has come and the movie is opening. So…?

How’s it going to do?

When I last looked, the Tomatometer for Transformers was hovering right around 59%, which isn’t great. The critics seem to be saying similar things, it’s more a matter of how forgiving they are of what they have to report: Great effects, loud and booming and very much a production, campy as all get-out, and… here they split. They either find it fun or a waste of time.

(Though I don’t suppose the lack of award-winning dialog is a huge surprise to anyone.)

Toon Zone’s Chad Lee gives the film a big thumbs up along with a prediction for this to be the start of a giant robot revolution. I suspect he’s right, even if the film is little more than giant robots blowing stuff up.

Because, dude, it’s giant robots blowing stuff up! Isn’t that sort of the very definition of a summer blockbuster?

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