Simpsons news and voting

Animated News, I’m in the know. The official Simpsons movie site is live now (does anyone else have a sudden, inexplicable craving for donuts?), complete with upcoming movie news and various activities. My favorite is the “Create Your Simpsons Avatar” section. I am quite fetching as a Simpsons character, let me tell you.

Over on the 7-Eleven site, you can enter for a chance to win fabulous prizes which include being animated in an upcoming episode of The Simpsons. (You can also look up Slurpee ingredients for every flavor under the sun, there, but I’m thinking you need to be really brave to check that out. Just sayin’.)

And finally, my very favorite: You have through July 9th to go vote in the USA Today Springfield Movie Challenge to see which Springfield in the U.S. will be chosen to host the first Simpsons Movie premiere. Some of the associated videos are hilarious. I didn’t even know there were 14 states that have a Springfield, but now I’ve “met” each of them. Mostly I am just jealous that I do not live in a Springfield state. Because some people dream of greatness, and I dream of living where we embody the “Simpsons Spirit” because, um, I like donuts.

(Aim high, friends. I clearly have.)

The Simpsons Movie opens later this month (July 27th). I’m hungry just thinking about it.

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