Surf’s Up making a splash

Surf’s Up when it opened this weekend. I think I may be feeling a bit burned out on animated feature films, right now. Enough with the animated films. (I’m actually really looking forward to Nancy Drew opening next weekend, perhaps because she won’t be animated.)

Regardless, for whatever reason, the world doesn’t revolve around me (I know), and so the movie opened to… critical acclaim. It’s not the greatest, most stupendous movie of all time, or anything, but by golly the critics are really enjoying it.

(Do spend some time reading through the reviews, if you like that sort of thing. I suppose it was inevitable, but there are some truly harsh Happy Feet slams embedded in the praise for Surf’s Up, which is worth the read just because it’s always interesting to see what folks can get themselves worked up about.)

One of the recurrent compliments for the movie is that its animation is simply stunning. Want to learn more about how they do what they do with that crazy CGI stuff? Go behind the scenes and read about the decisions behind the design, as well as having a look at some stills from the film. I find the discussion about realistic vs. stylized really interesting, personally. As a non-designed that just isn’t the sort of thing that occurs to me.

But then, surfing penguins really never occurred to me. So, clearly, I am not a font of radical thinking. Oh well. Thank goodness for the internet, to keep me informed.

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