Wayside School is coming to Nickelodeon

My daughter is something of a bookworm. I have no idea where she gets that from. (Hold on a sec… I just have to finish this chapter….) She’s a methodical sort when it comes to books she enjoys: If the book is any good, and it’s part of a series, she will read the entire series before moving on to something else.

During that time she will talk of nothing but the characters about whom she’s reading, and if I haven’t read the books, myself, I spend a lot of time nodding and mmmhmming and hoping there won’t be a quiz.

Earlier this year I spent a lot of time being regaled by details about Principal Kidswatter and the students at Wayside School. Each new tidbit of information was prefaced with, “Mom, this part is so silly….”

I guess she’s not the only one who loves the crazy antics of the Wayside gang, because according to Animation Insider, Nickelodeon will be premiering a series based on the books later this month:

“Readers have enjoyed Wayside tales from Louis Sachar,” Tom Ascheim, Executive Vice President & General Manager, Nickelodeon Television stated, “and now fans can watch their favorite stories come to life as its first-ever TV series joins Nickelodeon’s hit animation line-up.” He continued: “The stories are absurdly funny interpretations of how kids perceive the world around them and the issues they face in their daily lives.” Wayside will premiere on Nickelodeon at 12:30pm (ET) on June 25tth, 2007; appearing on weekdays thereafter at 12:30. The animated television series, produced by Nelvana studios, will be twenty-six episodes in length.

Not a bad way to kick off the summer, methinks.

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One thought on “Wayside School is coming to Nickelodeon

  1. hola te quiero decir que esta re bueno el programa y la foto no tenes mas de esa clase que sean igual de copadas? ta groso pero pone mas