One night only: Naruto the movie!

Naruto the Movie: Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow. It debuted in Japan in 2004, but this will be your big chance to see it on the big screen in America. (Proud Canadian? Your chance is coming on June 23rd.)

Find a participating theater by checking here, and then make sure you’re free at 7:00 tonight. Just keep in mind that although the television series is for ages 7 and up, the movie is apparently suited to teens and older. Unless you have a little kid who’s pretty unflappable, I guess.

For even more Naturo goodness, check out this interview with Mary Elizabeth McGlynn about the series in general and the movie in particular. As a relative newbie to Naruto, I didn’t realize the fanatical following it enjoys until I read this:

MEM: It’s become the Harry Potter of the anime world. What’s amazing is it’s not just the teens, but the parents. I get letters from people of every age group. They just love the show and really connect to it.

I think what it is it has so many characters, each one different and individual. The whole thing is about growing up and working together as a team, but really it’s all about enhancing your own individuality. It actually says by becoming a strong individual you can really contribute to the team.

NRAMA: It’s also the classic Horatio Algers story with a ninja setting.

MEM: Yeah. It says even the lowliest can rise to the top. It also shows Naruto isn’t the only one. Each kid is finding his or her own path. For instance, look at Naruto and Gaara. They both have similar backgrounds, but they chose different paths. Naruto has chosen to use his powers for good and he’s one of the most honorable characters I’ve ever come across. In Gaara’s case, he became so beaten down he eventually took the path of isolation and evil. Naruto never let himself get beaten down. Naruto will go on forever.

Read the whole thing, and catch the film if you can. (Then come back and tell me how it was, because I live in the sticks and it’s not showing anywhere near me. Hmph.)

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3 thoughts on “One night only: Naruto the movie!

  1. Chakra armor is good…. unless… lets see…. -_- no such thing as chakra… n e way. The movie could have been better there wasn’t much fighting in it… and the person was always running away…. -_- the movie was kind of wierd….

  2. How can a Naruto movie possibly be weird? Even though there is no such thing as chakra, I still want it. Its cool.