Jeffrey Katzenberg is “The ogre achiever”

I know, I know; I swore I was going to stop talking about Shrek. It’s bad enough that having a hit movie franchise seems to be license to plaster the characters anywhere and everywhere in the name of savvy advertising. As much as I liked the first two movies, I do feel like I’m reaching… how shall I say this?… Shrek saturation.

In fact, my kids came home from a trip to McDonald’s yesterday with cups of Shrek Sludge. I’m pretty sure they were just green milkshakes, but I was a little afraid to check. And stuck into those cups of sludge? Ogre green straws.

Anyway, in light of the brash consumerism oozing from the Shrek empire, I thought now would be a good time to point out this interview with Jeffrey Katzenberg. For a multi-millionaire heading up a marketing machine, Katzenberg is remarkably grounded.

Katzenberg would rather celebrate his own good luck than gloat. “They (the Shrek films) defined us as a company in terms of what a DreamWorks Animated movie is and can be and should be, so they really helped us find ourselves. That first Shrek saved the company financially. We’re here today because of it. It’s been a great blessing. I refer to it as the gift that keeps on giving.”

It’s an interesting read in terms of Katzenberg’s career path and philosophy. The only time I snickered at all was at the mention of how there will “only” be five Shrek films because the story is finite. Five? Granted, that is technically still finite, but most good stories don’t require five separate movies to tell it. I’m just sayin’.

Regardless, the interview is worth a read. Just try not to think about the ogre sludge while you’re reading it.

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