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It’s either already happened or it’s coming up in a matter of weeks: School’s out, and a summer of possibility stretches out in front of your family. For most of us parents, what should ideally be a time of long, lazy fun-filled days may instead be a frenetic schedule of daycare, camps, or other activities. Worse, it may contain that awful battle cry, a parent’s biggest kryptonite. You know what I’m talking about. “Mom, I’m boooooored!”

Worried yet? Well, it just may be time to check out Scholastic’s Summer Reading Buzz, an interactive site designed to keep your kids reading all summer long. Here’s what you need to know:

The goal of Summer Reading BUZZ! is to get kids to read four or more books this summer to prevent the “summer slide,” which is what it’s called when kids lose skills over the summer due simply to being out of school. The web site [has] lots of interactive features, a book log where kids can keep track of how many books they’ve read, videos from celebrities who talk about books that they loved growing up, a Buzz Toons area where kids can submit their artwork to be animated by Scholastic, a sweepstakes prize from American Airlines for the whole family and more!

Also, for every four books a kid reads, Scholastic will donate a book to Reading is Fundamental, who then gives a book to a kid who may not otherwise be able to afford one of his own.

My kids regularly do the summer reading program at our local library, but as they become more computer-savvy I think they’ll really dig the added features that the Summer Reading Buzz site will afford them.

Want even more online book-happy goodness? The Buzz site is presented in cooperation with Target, who also hosts the Ready. Sit. Read! site (which is very cute, but also loud and busy—you have been warned). Your child may enjoy some of the features there, and every parent looking to get kids excited about reading should check out their reading tips section.

So get your kids reading, and having fun, and helping to provide books for less fortunate kids. Sounds like a perfect way to spend the summer, to me!

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