Berkeley Breathed dishes

It’s funny, because just last week I was mentioning how Bloom County is one of my all-time favorite comic strips, and then yesterday I came across this awesome interview with Berkeley Breathed. It’s chock-full of Breathed’s understated wit, as well as information on his past and current endeavors. You simply must read the entire thing, but I’ve taken the liberty of pulling out a few highlights for you.

Proof that we’re on the same wavelength: The interviewer asks Breathed about that very Calvin and Hobbes animation I wrote about earlier, and his response made me laugh out loud.

BREATHED: Oh my God. That’s my only reaction. And this: Bill is going to have a cow when he sees this. Not that it isn’t terrific. I think it’s like how we’d feel finding our wives naked on YouTube… no matter how hot they look.

(It should be noted, he was 100% correct. The video has since been yanked from YouTube on Bill Watterson’s complaint.)

In response to being asked what parenting means to him:

BREATHED: Deferring self-interest. And hearing the word “poop” more than before.

(Dude. Has Berkeley Breathed been to my house??)

More things that made me giggle:

QS: Doonesbury was a musical — why not Bloom County?

BREATHED: The first part of that question is the answer.

(That response should be immortalized in the Annals of Pithiness.)

QS: Who do you hear in your head as the “voice” of Opus?

BREATHED: I always wanted Sterling Holloway for Opus (Winnie the Pooh). He’s unavailable.

(Well, yes. If by “unavailable” you mean “dead,” then this is correct.)

Inbetween zingers, Breathed does share some information about upcoming animated adaptations of his books Mars Needs Moms! and Flawed Dogs; both are being developed by Disney, with Robert Zemeckis producing Moms. Even his comments on the movie progress are chuckle-worthy. Seriously. Go read the whole interview.

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