Third time may not be the charm

being a huge Shrek fan, but now the moment of truth has arrived and… I’m nervous. The reviews for Shrek the Third aren’t looking too good. It’s not a huge surprise, I guess, but I’d still hoped for better.

There’s no disguising the fact that Shrek the Third has come down with a bad case of sequelitis. You know the symptoms: Lots of razzle-dazzle to distract from the hole at the center of the story. You know, the place where fresh ideas should be.
Peter Travers

Ouch. It, um, gets worse from there. Even the positive reviews basically warn that it’s more of the same, except less so.

All of which is pretty unfortunate, and greatly decreases my desire to shell out the bucks for a theater viewing. I don’t know; I may have to resort to actual parenting to get my kids to behave this weekend. Hmph.

Now if I could only get the kids to stop watching this, I’d be able to put this entire thing behind me.

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