Best moms! Worst kids!

Well, on television, anyway. In honor of Mother’s Day (did you have a nice one? Did you remember to call your mom?), ToonZone took the liberty of assessing both the top mothers in animation and the worst sons and daughters in animation.

When I saw the article titles my immediate reaction was: “Huh?”

I mean, what exactly are we going to use as the criteria for judging, here? Who’s drawn the best? Which mother makes the best cartoon cookies? Which kid got carted off to cartoon jail? It just felt like there was ample opportunity for these to turn into really pointless assessments.

Oh, me of little faith! ToonZone came through with the funny. Both articles had me giggling.

The leader for best mom? Betty Rubble. Hey, wasn’t I just telling you about a Wilma Flintstone marathon, and how she was apparently an ideal mom? Well, you have to admit the argument for Betty is pretty persuasive:

Why: Hanna-Barbera is one of the most friendly studios for parents, since their works provide a number of potential candidates, including Wilma Flintstone and Jane Jetson. Betty Rubble ends up getting the title from the other H-B animated moms largely because she has to raise Bamm-Bamm. Being a mother is hard enough without having to deal with an inordinately strong kid who likes breaking things for fun. Pebbles Flintstone is a perfectly darling little angel, unlikely to give Wilma and Fred any trouble for anything until she starts dating, and anybody can be a perfect mother with the help of a robot maid. The fact that the Rubble household hasn’t been reduced to, well, rubble by Bamm-Bamm must be due to Betty’s influence.

If it will console the Wilma partisans, I always felt she won the “Hot Mom” contest between the two, but that’s not the only thing we’re looking at here.

The piece on lacking offspring is even better. Idolize the Teen Titans? Maybe you should take a good hard look at what a rotten daughter Raven is:

Why: What an ingrate this little goth chick is. Her father Trigon takes years to set up his grandest plans and dreams for his life (and everyone else’s), and entrusts his daughter with one of the most crucial parts of that plan. He does everything he can to convince her that she must fulfill her part of the grand design, despite her bad attitude about it and her need to pout all the time. He doesn’t raise his voice, he doesn’t send her to her room, he just consistently and constantly reminds her that she needs to do her job. And then she does it, and everything goes right for him, and he even keeps her around after everybody else is frozen as his special little girl. How fatherly. And what does she do? She kills him and says he was never her father. Oh, and how’d she come to that sterling conclusion? She joined a gang!

Advice to Would-Be Ravens: If your parents are trying to do something important, don’t get in their way. Or suck them of all their magic energy or anything like that.

Go give both pieces a read. Honestly, I feel less bothered by the clothes my kids leave on the floor right next to the hamper, now.

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