It’s Teacher Appreciation Week

I have some friends who homeschool, and I admire them very much. Homeschooling is not for me. No. For me, there must be a cheerful yellow bus that comes to the house and takes my children away. The kids like it, because the other children at school are more interesting than I am. I like it, because having the children in school frees me up to work (so that we can have foolish extravagances like food and clothing) and keeps me from killing them. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, and all of that.

Every year, the first full week in May is Teacher Appreciation Week. Unless you’re homeschooling (in which case, good for you, and I hope your kids appreciate you this week and all the time, because you are a saint), you may wish to take this opportunity to thank the teachers in your kids lives. After all, they’re shaping your kids’ little minds, not to mention freeing you up to eat an uninterrupted lunch now and then.

There are traditional activities, of course: A teacher breakfast, flowers for the teacher, etc. There’s no shortage of suggestions of ways to celebrate this auspicious event. But now that the week’s half over, I have a suggestion that I suspect works for any teacher you’re grateful to have.

Write a thank-you note. Teachers don’t hear nearly often enough how much we appreciate them. And sure, flowers are nice and donuts are yummy, but there is nothing that trumps a few words from the heart when they’re spoken with gratitude.

Now, if those words happen to include something like “Thank you for listening to the endless Pokemon battle stories he makes up,” that’s between the two of you. Who knows what makes your heart sing. Just know that if there’s a teacher who knows what makes your kid happy, he or she deserves to hear that you’re grateful.

And failing that, I guess you could just send cash.

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