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What could be better on a Monday morning than an assortment of movie news? Well, yes, I suppose coffee and a donut might improve things, but you’ll have to take care of that on your own. Must I do everything around here? Is it not enough that I show up here every weekday? Hmph. Some people.

(Okay, it’s possible that I need another cup of coffee before I’m fit to interact with others. Hang on. Ahhhh. Much better.)

First up: Spider-Man 3. Hotly anticipated, it opened this weekend to the delight of Spidey fans everywhere. And the verdict is…? A new box office record. Apparently Peter Parker can climb up walls, shoot webs out of his wrists, and earn 148 million dollars on opening weekend. Not too shabby.

Next: Do you like that picture, up there? Aren’t those Shreklings (Shreklets?) adorable? There’s something that makes me giggle about People Magazine doing a spread on ogre babies, but I’ll take it. I suppose we should’ve been able to guess that Shrek the Third was likely to bring triplets to our favorite green couple. (I know I’ve been talking about Shrek a lot, lately. We’ve got less than two weeks before the new movie opens, and then I’ll probably stop.)

One more Shrek tidbit: There’s talk of a Puss in Boots movie. No, really. [Hat tip to Animated News for both of these bits of Shrek news.]

And finally: The Incredible Hulk movie has been underway for a while, now, with the announcement that Edward Norton will play the Hulk now old news. It’s been newly announced, though, that Liv Tyler will play his love interest. Hmmm. I wonder how the real Hulk feels about all of this? Thanks to the miracle of the internet, I probably won’t have to wonder for long. It turns out that the Hulk has a blog. Of course.

Happy Monday!

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