The Mr. Men Show coming to Cartoon Network

interactive website where you can reacquaint yourself with all your favorite characters (oh! Mr. Daydream! He was my favorite!). There’s also all sorts of fun for the kids on there, from printables to games they can play. (You do need to register for full site access, but registration is free.) At the very least, you can amuse yourself there for a while until the debut of the show next year.

[Edited to add: Great minds think alike! The same day I posted this, Animation Insider wrote a piece about it as well.]

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3 thoughts on “The Mr. Men Show coming to Cartoon Network

  1. I’m angry. I had ALL the old books when I was a kid and now that they are putting them on tv for my children, they have changed some of their names, changed the way they look, and have characters that were never part of Mr. Men when they were brought out to us as children. I wish for once, someone would show these things in the way they were first designed. It’s like trying to watch “anime” Transformers…which also looks really retarded now. Stop trying to better Mr. Men and leave them the way they were designed!

  2. I’m thrilled that they have put the Mr. Men on tv for my kids to see. I loved them as a kid and now I can pass that love on to my kids. SOME of the characters have changed but most are the SAME. They might have been altered but they are the same. I wish people would quite complaining about small things, it was 25 years ago, get over it, grow up and move on.

  3. I love the Mr. Men the books as I was a child and was thrilled that they came out with a cartoon about them. My toddler enjoys watching the show and everytime he hears the theme song..he breaks out in a big smile and starts dancing. Yes, some of the characters looks and names have changed but that doesn’t take away from the fact they they are still entertaining. I want to throw a MR. MEN THEME PARTY….HAVE ANY IDEAS?