Another popular pig hitting the screen

Let’s face it; there’s plenty of great pigs out there for our kids’ viewing pleasure. Wilbur from Charlotte’s Web. Piggley Winks. Pig and Arnold from Kipper. The three little pigs in the Shrek movies. Pigs are just good on-screen subjects.

And anyone who’s ever read any of the Olivia books by Ian Falconer will likely be thrilled to learn that the precocious piglet will soon be coming to Nickelodeon thanks to a deal with Chorion:

The new CGI series (52×11 and one 44 minute special) will be animated by Academy Award-nominated Irish animation studio Brown Bag Films. Nick Jr. will present 26 half-hour episodes in the U.S. and sales for the international territories will be made at MIP this month.

“Olivia is one of our most exciting properties and we are thrilled that our enthusiasm for the brand is shared wholeheartedly by our partners at Nickelodeon,” said Nicholas James, ceo of Chorion. “We are committed to delivering the very best quality entertainment to audiences globally, and we could not have better partners in that endeavor.”

CGI Olivia? Be still my heart. (Is it too much to hope that she has an English accent? For some reason I want her to sound British.)

And yes, I see that they’ll be airing in the Nick Jr. block—perhaps a bit too young for my brood—but we’re longtime Olivia fans here at my house; we may just have to tape it and check it out, anyway. As research. For all of you. Because I care.

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One thought on “Another popular pig hitting the screen

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