Breaking news: Code Lyoko Season 4 scheduled

my son’s love for Code Lyoko or my confusion about the show. I seem to be missing some key ingredient necessary to truly understand this show’s plot. (Yes, yes; I suspect it has something to do with the twenty or thirty years I have over most of the show’s fans. Zip it.) Nevertheless, the fact remains that I have yet to encounter a Lyoko fan who isn’t completely, utterly enamored of the show. And right now, most of those fans are all asking, “When is Season 4 going to air?”

Despite my relative confusion over what everything in Lyoko means, believe it or not, I’m actually pretty good at figuring things out here in the real world. I searched far and wide to find any information about the Code Lyoko Season 4 air date, and I came up empty. I was nearly stumped.

But what’s the first thing your mother ever taught you about getting what you want? That’s right. She taught you to say please.

So I said please. I went to my contact at Cartoon Network and I asked nicely (just the way I try to teach my children to do), and when I didn’t get an answer right away I asked again, and eventually I think they realized that if they gave me an answer, I would go away and leave them alone. And then everyone wins! (Just in case you’re wondering, I also said thank you once I got my answer.)

Are you ready, Code Lyoko fans? You heard it here first: Season 4 of Code Lyoko will premiere on Cartoon Network at 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday, June 6th. New episodes will continue to air throughout the summer on Wednesday nights.

Spread the news and mark your calendars, because I’m probably going to need you all to explain it to me once it starts back up again.

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31 thoughts on “Breaking news: Code Lyoko Season 4 scheduled

  1. Actually, its airing on june 4th, 2007 on Cartoon Netwark, at 7:00 pm. Unless my source was incorrect, that is the correct date.

  2. I greatly thank you for contacting Cartoon Network for this.

    However, avid CL fans like me have been referencing the official, in the news section.
    It is noted last week that the premiere date will be June 4th at 7 PM.
    Just this week, that was (secretly)changed to June 5th at 7 PM.
    Now you reference that it will premiere on June 6th at 7 PM.
    So, I think I’ll go with your source. ;)

    Being a CL fan myself, I know a lot about Code Lyoko, so I an help you out with anything.

  3. Hello, I’m a member at LyokoFreak, a massive english Code Lyopko Fansite. I’d just like to mention that the dates are all a little fuddled up, and it could air at the 4th, 5th, or 6th.

    As a small sidenote, June 6th, 2007 will be the 13th anniversary of The day The Creator of Lyoko (And Aelita’s dad) escaped into the Supercalculator where Lyoko is, and the day Franz was captured by XANA and Aelita lost her memory.

    **** SPOILERS END HERE****
    Ever since the delay of season two, Lyoko Fans across the world have had a small resentmentfor Cartoon Network’s shaky airdates and tendancy to let the show get overrun, but a release date would be considered a huge redemption. Those three days mentioned have been predicted to bring an abnormal growth of viewers to Cartoon Network, and massive searches on google for the obscure name

    And TA, I’d like to note that they also said it would air last SUMMER. isn’t too precise, but then again, everything can be shuffled around so easily.

  4. I LOVE CODE LYOKO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I watch it every time that it is on


  5. i love this show. they should make a 3-d virtual online game like sherwood

  6. I watched the opening for season 4 yesterday, “William Returns”.
    It was amazing, and the producers fixed a lot of flaws that the show had(like the same scene for every episode where Aeileta (Not spelled correctly) deactivates a tower)during season 1.

  7. The real air date of Season 4 is June 5 2007!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
    Every Tues at 6:pm. I’m saying 6:pm is because I live in
    the Central.

    So there you have it…… THE TRUTH

  8. Sorry Crash_Override.

    I didn’t read your blog until after mine.
    I didnt mean to steal your blog.


  9. I love CODE LYOKO!!!! i try to watch it everyday but i travel a lot and we usally eat dinner out of town around 7pm but i try to make up for it on saturday’s!!!!! it’s the best show ever!!!!

  10. Hi every1! My name is really Yumi but not Yumi Ishiyama! anyways I just wanna say:
    Code Lyoko is the popular-est show on earth!
    Code Lyoko is the best of any show!
    and there r gonna b some dvds comin’ out I dont know when so if you want me to send you websites go 2 msn hotmail [or register] and my email there is:! If u want all the websites from Code Lyoko go now! I might not b there but I’ll answer it!

  11. code lyoko is the coolest show ever to be created! Aelita is so pretty and william is so cute/handsome! aaah! I love him so much some times I wish that I could be a lyoko worrior and have a kissing seen with him!!!!

  12. CODE LYOKO IS THE BEST SHOW EVER. ok for those who are not up 2 date, some CL eps can be seen on and the rest can be seen on youtube. (Search Code Lyoko season whatever season u want and u should get the eps. for seasons 1-3 look for rjrouquette. for season 4…ur on ur own.) ;) I WANT THE CODE LYOKO WII GAME! I WANT IT SOOOO BAD!!! ;_;

  13. oh and btw im 14 and im totally obcessed w/ the show. i plan on having a code lyoko party with my cousins because they love it too. I

  14. My son loves Code Lyocol, he is only 3 and I have been looking everywhere for toys, books, stocking fillers, anything at all I could get for him for Christmas – every time we go into a toy shop he looks for them, but we have not been able to source anything – Can anyone help please

  15. i heard that cartoon network is not so sure about puting a season 5 out,but the people who made code lyoko want to make a season 5 for all lyoko fans like my self,but cartoon network is still deciding.i hope they say yes,code lyoko RULEZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  16. code lioko es la mejor serie que he visto jamas, y ay personajes wapos. Mi personaje preferido es el de aelita, y william, bueno, en gneral todos, pero me marxo 10 dias d campa, asi q m perdr 10 capitulos, q pena m da, weno, dew

  17. well it isent my opinyon but i am a big girl and i like mew mew power but its my cose i am not affriad to say i dont like it but i dont :)

  18. hi , as you know i have now grown up and i yoused to like code lyoko but now i dont lol T_T oh but it is sooooo cool i like ulrich and yummi and exanna there so cool i got them as my computer back growend