KidScreen West is coming… thanks to Ty’s

Everyone in the kids’ licensing business knows that KidScreen Summit is sort of the event every year to find out what properties are new and hot and to get the inside scoop on what cool things are happening in the world of turning kids’ favorite characters into marketable merchandise.

I do not go to these things, because I am generally too busy running KidSchool Summit here at my house, which mostly consists of me bellowing up the stairs, “You’re going to be late to school if you don’t get down here right now!” But every year the Ty’s Toy Box guys go to New York City and when they come back we get on the phone and it’s like talking to 10-year-olds who just got back from Star Wars for the first time. They’re always bubbling over with excitement about something they saw or learned and as I listen to the stories I realize that KidScreen is sort of like a giant power cocktail party for people who really like cartoons.

Anyway, something pretty exciting has happened here. After eight years of catering to the east coast crowd, KidScreen has finally decided to branch out and launch KidScreen West with an inaugural conference in California this May. The conference’s presenting sponsor is none other than our heroes here at Ty’s Toy Box.

KidScreen West has launched a blog to keep people updated (and because all the cool kids are doing it), and they’ve already blogged about Ty’s, praising them for achieving “innovative retail success in a crowded market.”

But did they ever compare the Ty’s guys to 10-year-olds? I think it’s clear who appreciates them more.

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