I don’t think I can handle losing the Titans again

Teen Titans Go!, the comic book series. That helped, a little.

Except that now it turns out that Teen Titans Go! is in danger of cancellation, as well:

We learned from a source close to DC Comics that “Teen Titans Go!” may actually go under, and J. Torres has confirmed it. This comes as a huge surprise since the series is actually the DC Comics’ best selling all-ages series. It has done a great job of carrying on the cancelled show’s adventures, as well as introducing many new fans and kids alike to comics and the Titans. According to our source, the cut-off issue for “Teen Titans Go!” hasn’t been confirmed yet, but we’re at least guaranteed up to the last solicitation (TTG #44 out in June, featuring Red Raven). Sadly, the end may come sooner after that than you’d think.

Why? Why?? I’m starting to take this personally, I tell you. Hmph.

TitansGo.net recommends contacting DC Comics directly to voice your disappointment and potentially save the series:

Write letters to:
Dan DiDio (and/or Tom Palmer Jr.)
1700 Broadway NYC, NY 10019

E-mail: askdcdirect@dccomics.com

[Edited to add: Butho from TitansGo.net is now suggesting addressing mail to "Johnny DC" as well, to basically hit all related DC Comics departments. Thanks for the tip, Butho!]

Go tell DC Comics to knock it off. The world needs its Titans. Heck, even I need them, as a break from my mundane life as a mom. And haven’t I suffered enough loss already? I mean, for someone who really doesn’t care about cartoons? Ahem.

[Photo courtesy of J. Torres Online.]

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7 thoughts on “I don’t think I can handle losing the Titans again

  1. regarding the underwear, my husband would argue that it is actually easier for me to pick it up off of the floor than to go digging in the hamper for it. which would make sense, if it was all in one place instead of 15 different piles around the room.

  2. oh no. i am not going to stand losing the Teen Titans animated series cartoon! seriously, im sending in letters. i dont care if they throw them out as soon as the ppl at CartoonNetwork get them, but im going to send letters anyway!! we have to save teen titans! this show is seriously the only cartoon i watch nowadays. we cant give up hope!

  3. My family of 4 got hooked on Teen Titans years ago. We tivo’d every episode before the series got completely taken off TV. We’ve also bought all the DVD’s as my children do not know how to sit quietly during a short car-ride, looking out the window and not touching each other every 6 seconds and then whining and complaining of mysterious health ailments. My husband and I spent countless portions of our paychecks on Teen Titans memorabilia, action figures, etc. And I hate to admit it, but we actually watched the show when the kids were IN BED, ASLEEP, and laughed about it later. 3 words for cartoon network: Bring them back!