Kids are making winning artwork

I always like a little bit of uplifting news on a Friday. What could be better than news of kids making good?

Nothing, says I. (And I’m the mother here, so you should listen to me.)

First off, remember the Wumblerful World of Seasons Art Contest? If you’re not in the New York City metropolitan area (and therefore, don’t have ready access to the New York Daily News), you may not know that the winners were recently selected and their artwork will be featured in upcoming Wumblers music videos and in a book whose proceeds will benefit Gilda’s Club Worldwide. You can read the article here, which focuses on the five winners from the Bronx. (There were twenty-five grand prize winners, and seventy-five runners-up.)

And if that story doesn’t make you feel warm and fuzzy enough, try this one: A bunch of Kenyan youths made some great cartoons.

A compilation of nine short toons made by children in Kenya during August’s inaugural Lola Kenya Screen film production workshop won the Africa Grand Prize for achievement in a film made by children at the close of the fifth World Summit on Media for Children, held in Johannesburg last week.

Films by Children for Children beat 50 other productions from 12 African nations in a festival held alongside the summit, giving it automatic entry in the international Kids for Kids fest to be held in Amsterdam Sept. 21-24. The win will also mean the pics will be included in a compilation of the “Best Films Made by Children for Children,” to be distributed globally by the Canada-based Intl. Center of Film for Children and Youth.

Two great examples of kids contributing to cartoons for fellow kids, both here at home and abroad. Well done!

I think I’ll bring this up the next time my kids complain about doing chores. (“You know, some kids are winning animation contests by your age. What have you done lately?”)

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