Transformers: Robots for grown-ups?

wrote a great piece about how the upcoming Transformers movie was saved from an ‘R’ rating. If you haven’t read his piece, do, because Chris makes many valid points about how this is a property that started with toys. Were the movie to come out with the dreaded ‘R’ rating, any toy tie-ins would be greeted with suspicion and that could be problematic.

I read the piece when Chris wrote it, noted that the movie will be, instead, rated PG-13, and moved on.

Yesterday, Jeff McKinney reported on the Toy Guy Blog that Transformer movie trailers are available for viewing at IGN. So I bopped on over there to have a look.

It’s possible that I had something of a senior moment when reading Chris’ original article about the movie; he did say that instead of an ‘R’ rating, the movie would garner a ‘PG-13′ rating. Even so, I was (naively) astonished at how violent the trailer was.

Don’t get me wrong; it looks like a great action movie, with suspense and special effects galore. But it doesn’t look like something I can take my kids to. Some of you are now saying, “Duh.” (My children are under 13, so I should’ve known that already.)

But I’m disappointed, because my son is a huge Transformers fan. This happens, I know. He also likes Spiderman (in theory, anyway), and he’s not been allowed to see any of the movies. But Spiderman is just a concept to him, really. The Transformers, well, who and what they are is integral to why the toys are so cool. They promote imagination and dexterity (heck, I can’t figure out how to transform half of his toys) and while yes, I know they exist to battle one another, they’re also really cool to just fiddle around with.

And my son is going to be crushed that he can’t see the movie. I’m sure the film will have a huge following amongst folks who grew up with the Transformers, but I can’t help wondering if there couldn’t have been a movie that captured the spirit of Transformers but would still be suitable even for younger viewers.

Then I start wondering at exactly what age I think giant, transforming evil robots are appropriate, and then I realize this is probably something I shouldn’t think about too hard.

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4 thoughts on “Transformers: Robots for grown-ups?

  1. I took my five yr old son to see this movie. It did have a lot of action and robot on robot violence. However, with that being said, I do not see how this move could have possibly had a “R” rating to begin with. There was very little language if any. No “sex scenes” at all. There was mention of masturbation, but my son did not even ask what they were talking about. This was during a scene when the main boy character was in his room looking for his glasses. And would not let his parents in right away because the robots were right outside the window waiting on him. Anyway, I guess the point is, I let my son watch Cartoon Network. The same old cartoons I watched when I was little. And looking at them from a parent point of view, they are no less violent than that Transformer movie was. Especially the Tom & Jerry or Old Bugs Bunny, and in those where Bugs in being hunted we are talking about gun voilence. So, in the big scheme of things a little robot voilence to add on top of the Tom & Jerry and Bugs Bunny that is supposed to be kid friendly because it is on the kid channel did not really seem to be a big deal to me. It was a really good movie and I’m sure your son would really enjoy it. If you really think about what he watches now, especially if he sees the Tom & Jerry episodes, this movie is no different.

  2. I saw the movie. My only objections where a few dirty jokes that I do not like at all and some bad langueage. It is anoying how it is every where now. The real shock is how different they where from the cartoon in personality. Remember the, “knowing is half the battle stuff”? I just fear if I buy the movie or see it again I will be suporting a show with some realy unerving humor, but the funny thing was as soon as the movie ended I said, “when is the sequal?”. I just was hoping for a more family orientated movie.