Billy and Mandy movie and crossover news

spoke with creator Maxwell Atoms about the movie:

As with all Grim shows, this 90-minute special works on its own logic. The basic premise is after being held captive by Billy/Mandy for all this time, the Grim Reaper has NOT been able to do his job properly. Now it’s time for him to pay. He’s stripped not only of his powers, but more importantly his scythe. And does how do Billy and Mandy treat this? Why they dump him, of course. This is only the first few minutes of this special. You’ll have to watch to see how our hellacious hero manages to get his revenge on Boogey and all who sail with him.

Atoms also confirms during the interview that a Kids Next Door crossover is set to air this summer, called—what else?—The Grim Adventures of the Kids Next Door.

The interview is quite good, and I encourage you to read the whole thing if you’re not going to be bothered by a few spoilers. And really, if you can stomach Billy playing with his boogers every week, what’s a couple of spoilers?

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One thought on “Billy and Mandy movie and crossover news

  1. so this has nothing to do with the article that i have not yet to read yet, but i just found out about this show and my name is mandy and my brother’s name is billy. this is so cool! LOL