Turtles take the box office

a bit wary of the marketing plans for the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie. Well, I guess at this point I have to concede the brilliance of the folks behind the film.

While standing at only 34% on the Tomatometer (indicating a “rotten” overall rating), TMNT ruled the box office returns upon opening this past weekend.

Newsarama’s Steve Fritz offers up a great review, full of both admiration for the franchise and clear vision about where the movie perhaps falls short. Definitely worth the read, if you’re a Turtles fan (new or old).

You’ll also want to check out all of the review snippets on Rotten Tomatoes, because it’s chock-full of lovely little bits like this:

Time stands still during the many feeble jokes; the Turtles comic book came out in 1984, the last year you could get a laugh just by ending a sentence with the word ‘dude.’
Kyle Smith

I could say more, but go check out the provided links for people who say it better (not to mention more succinctly) than I can. Also, that way you can avoid me ending a sentence with “dude,” which I am sorely tempted to do right now.

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