Avatar, Avatar everywhere

Avatar Spirit site for all of the latest news. But just in case you forgot to check it out recently, I’m here to help. Because I care. (And because it makes my obsession with all things Avatar seem like something work-related instead of just me being overly invested in a cartoon.)

Anyway. There’s a few things I want to draw your attention to.

First of all, Avatar Spirit is holding their Spring Avatar Haiku Contest. Who doesn’t like to ‘ku? No one fun, that’s who. 17 measly syllables can get you one of two fabulous prizes, so check it out.

Second, seems like folks have a lot to say about the upcoming Avatar live-action movie, and opinions vary, but now we have it from the horse’s mouth: The creators of Avatar couldn’t be more excited about the film. Though Bryan Konietzko’s comment about getting to hang out with Momo for real did worry me just a little.

Last—but not least—there’s bit of news about season 3 that might pique your interest. In addition to specific plot hints, I loved this bit:

The creators intended Avatar to be both whimsical and edgy. “Bryan and I wanted to create a show that had a lot of heart and integrity, and we wanted to create a show that we would like to watch,” DiMartino said. “Like Aang trying to balance the four elements, we try to balance comedy, action, drama and spirituality in every episode so there is something for everyone. Also, there is a message of balance that is pervasive throughout the series: characters trying to balance their lives.”

See? That sounds very much like entertainment intended for grown-ups like me, rather than just kids. My infatuation is totally justifiable. Stop looking at me like that.

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