You say “whee!” and I say “what?”

You know, we got all the way through the holiday shopping season without me once mentioning the Nintendo wii. I was really proud of myself. I mean, there’s the elephant in the room, and then there’s the elephant with fifteen different accessories and games you never even imagined before not in the room because demand has outrun production and no one can even get one of the elephants.

(Next up on the Ty’s Toy Box Blog: When metaphors explode!)

Anyway, it’s hot and it’s amazing and it’s the greatest thing since… ummm… since… well, you know what? I have no idea what it’s the greatest thing since, because I am not a gamer. But I am a parent, and here’s what scares the daylights out of me about this wii thing: Of the parents I know who actually managed to get one of these things “for their kids,” every last one of them tells me that they love playing it.

I don’t know about you, but I already have a to-do list a mile long and about five books I’m reading on my nightstand and a list of recorded shows on my DVR that would take me a month to get through even if I got rid of the list and the books. I do not need or want a video game that I want to play.

And as for my kids? Well, they have plenty of toys already, plus they play Webkinz regularly, which is confusing enough to me as it is. (I’m not sure why my son’s virtual dog needed a gingerbread oven, and frankly I was afraid to ask.)

I was hoping that after the holidays came and went that the frenzy would die down, some, but it appears that I’m just going to be stodgy in my aversion to the wii. In the meantime, its popularity continues to grow amongst all age groups, and people are writing articles like this one. If you have a Nintendo wii, that’s probably worth a read. I think.

Truthfully, I don’t know. I read through it and all I got was the voice of Charlie Brown’s teacher in my head. (“Wah wah wah, wahwah wah wah.”) And then I was overcome by an urge to tell you about how when I was a kid, we played Pong on the Atari, and we liked it.

No matter what your level of gamer tech-savvy, have a great weekend!

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2 thoughts on “You say “whee!” and I say “what?”

  1. I am not a gamer, but I am married to one. After we Wii’d at a friends house, we knew we had to have one! It honestly is the best system ever. Why? Because it MAKES you (I mean kids) get up and play. It makes us (them) move! Exercise in the form of video game…brilliant!