Indiana Jones for the next generation

I was just 9 years old when Raiders of the Lost Ark came out, and I can clearly remember feeling very grown-up at the theater. There were snakes! And spiders! And other scary stuff! And I wasn’t scared. I loved it. Well, maybe I watched some of it through my barely-parted fingers, but that was just because I enjoyed the suspense, you see. Especially when it came to the snakes. *shudder*

Now, for those of us who grew up on Indiana Jones, we remember. We remember the first time we saw Raiders, and we remember when Harrison Ford was a heartthrob. We remember when Indiana Jones was synonymous with “action movie.”

For our kids, it’s more like… “Indiana who?” Rather, that’s how it’s been until now.

Word on the street has been confirmed over at Slate; Shia LeBoeuf will play Indy’s son in an upcoming movie.

Personally, to me, the Indiana Jones empire belongs to Harrison Ford (and maybe a little bit to Sean Connery). But if Spielberg and Co. want to recapture their target audience segment (which is not me, no matter how much I may want to talk about how I also had the Atari game and played it incessantly), hiring LeBoeuf was a brilliant move. The Slate article highlights his recent movie work (Holes, Project Greenlight, and the upcoming Transformers and Disturbia), but I’d wager none of those projects are what will bring the kids to the movie.

Two words: Even Stevens.

The Disney generation will go see this movie because it stars Louis Stevens. And then—if the movie is half as good as it ought to be—they’ll get hooked on the story, and a new crop of Indiana Jones fans will be born.

But I reserve the right to tell my kids about the Atari game and demand that they stop rolling their eyes at me while I do.

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