Justice League slated for the big screen

Warner Bros. is looking to make a feature-length film based on the original Justice League, and they’ve even hired writers to start work on the script:

“The Justice League of America has been a perennial favorite for generations of fans, and we believe their appeal to film audiences will be as strong and diverse as the characters themselves,” Warner prexy of production Jeff Robinov said in announcing the hiring of the Mulroneys.

(Kieran and Michele Mulroney are apparently known in the industry, but I’m not so much concerned about them. If they’re good enough for Warner Bros., they’re good enough for me.)

What I’m excited about here is that, well, I think this is a project long overdue. It’s clear that the original crop of heroes from the 1960s series haven’t lost one iota of their appeal. We’ve seen them on the big screen (the Batman and Superman movies; there’s, what, about forty of those?), and we’ve seen them on the small screen (Justice League Unlimited and Legion of Super Heroes). Everyone wants a piece of them, because they work. And I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with any of those projects… but I’m a purist. I want my original Justice League back.

Don’t let me down, Warner Bros.! I promise I won’t even comment on the ridiculousness of fighting crime in a strapless outfit. Pinky swear.

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