I think Oscar and Annie just broke up

I probably should’ve brought this up earlier in the week, but we had other things to talk about. So now that it’s old news and everyone is completely over the Oscars, I’m going to talk about it anyway, because that’s just how I am. Also because I’m still annoyed.

No, I don’t want to talk about the dresses and the hair. I want to talk about Happy Feet winning the Oscar for Best Animated Feature.

You might remember when I told you about the Annie Awards I linked to an article that mentioned that the Annie winner has gone on to nab the Oscar every year since the Academy started honoring feature-length animation. The assumption was that the Annie winner would also take the Oscar.

Now, this isn’t a hard-and-fast rule, for sure. But generally you can count on some consistency across major award shows; the Golden Globe recipients, for example, tend not to differ too much from the Oscar winners, either.

So let’s recap: This year, Cars won the Annie. Cars also won the Golden Globe. But Cars did not win the Oscar; Happy Feet did. And congratulations to Happy Feet! But I’m feeling confused.

Part of me—the part that likes to root for the little guy—is pleased when someone comes from behind to take the win, truly. On the other hand, I remember Happy Feet‘s less-than-virtuous foray into medical sales and feel a little miffed that they brought home an Oscar.

I’m also wondering if the Arthur and the Invisibles disqualification from Animated Feature status had any effect on the outcome, as we had only three nominees this year instead of five (per the award guidelines). But I suppose there’s really no way to know.

(Cartoon Brew wrote an interesting piece on what this may mean for feature-length cartoons vs. motion capture, and it’s worth reading.)

Mostly I think I’m just sad that Monster House didn’t win. That was my favorite movie of the three nominees. Hmph.

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One thought on “I think Oscar and Annie just broke up

  1. I was just surprised that Curious George wasn’t nominated at all. Not even for best song, for which I thought Jack Johnson would have won!