Weekend at the movies

Sometimes you just need a break from it all; some time to just kick back, relax, and take a vacation from the real world for a little bit. A quick jaunt to a tropical locale would be ideal, but these kids who live here seem to think I should stick around and make their food and do their laundry and stuff. Hmph.

No, it was really the kids who needed a break this weekend. Their lives are just so demanding, you know. The daily grind of elementary school is really getting to them. They needed some down time, you know, so we had a movie weekend.

We kicked it off with the Naked Brothers Band movie, which I’d taped a few weeks back when it premiered. Do you think creator Polly Draper would find it odd if I sent her email asking her to be my friend? The movie delivered in every possible way; the kids loved it, I loved it, and it was a perfect mix of humor and drama. We’ll be recording the series weekly, at the kids’ request.

(Though I have to say two things about how old this makes me feel. First, I had to keep explaining to the kids who the famous people in the movie were, and why I found their appearances funny. Second, this blog is for grown-ups, yet my previous post about the movie continues to accumulate comments from kids whose parents may or may not know their little groupies are surfing the internet. Parents, please pay attention to what your kids are doing. And explain to them that it is not appropriate to leave comments that say things like “NAT U R SO HOT! CALL ME!” on a public site. Thanks.)

Next, the children were sucked into the Camp Lazlo marathon that was on yesterday, and we may or may not have seen part of the new Where’s Lazlo? movie. I don’t know; it’s all very hazy to me. I’m mostly distracted, whenever Lazlo is on, by the flies that circle Chip and Skip all of the time. I just find that very perplexing.

Finally, we caught Bridge to Terabithia yesterday, and it rocked my socks off. The kids enjoyed it, too. And only one of us cried. (I’m not saying who. But please remind me to put some extra kleenex in my purse.) If you’ve been wondering whether or not to see it, my assessment is that it’s quite true to the book. This is both good (in terms of the relationship development and special effects) and bad (I don’t want to ruin it if you haven’t read the book, but it’s not an altogether happy story). Overall, I’d say it’s a great family film. I wouldn’t take a child under 6 to see it, personally, or a really sensitive kid who might find the sad parts too hard to take, but we give it all our thumbs up.

And now I have to go eat some celery or something, to counteract all the popcorn I ate this weekend….

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One thought on “Weekend at the movies

  1. I’d been wondering about Bridge to Terabithia — I remember weeping and wailing and dramatically rending my garments over the wonderful sadness of the book when I first read it. I don’t know if I’ll be able to talk my husband into seeing something that he knows will lead to me crying on his shirt, but we’ll see…