Friday bits and pieces

I’ve been meaning to do a round-up of a few items relating to stuff that’s been posted previously, so today seems as good a day as any to do that. Don’t you always want to read the answers to all of your burning questions before you head into the weekend? Of course you do!

We have a winnah… actually, three of them

Waaaaay back in October I brought your attention to the Design Your Destiny Yu-Gi-Oh! Contest over at 4Kids Entertainment. Remember that? Since then, people keep wandering over to that entry and leaving plaintive comments asking about the results. Well, it turns out that the folks at 4Kids have finally announced the winners and put up the winning drawings. (My son and I agree that Tongue Twister is the most deliciously disgusting of the creatures.)

More Cartoon Network Upfront announcements

The announcements about upcoming plans for Ben 10 were just a slice of all the exciting Cartoon Network plans that were revealed in New York City this week. Both Newsarama and ToonZone have been awesome with their coverage. My favorite news (besides the Ben 10 movie news, that is)? Plans for the upcoming Cartoon Network Invaded:

Foster’s Bloo will send a message out to space causing the Cartoon Network universe to be invaded by all manner of aliens. Every Friday in May, an alien will arrive in a new episode of one of that block’s group of programs to raise havoc or something else, culminating with an all-out alien invasion on Memorial Day.

(I’ve never looked forward to Memorial Day quite so much….)

Some actual animation, finally

Remember my ambivalence over Jerry’s Seinfeld’s Bee Movie? I’m warming up to it. The latest trailer may have helped; the animation is clean and I think i can now say I much prefer Seinfeld in his animated form.

Sometimes they get it right

Today is the much-anticipated opening of Bridge to Terabithia, and I peeked through my fingers while looking up the reviews. Have they done it? Did they manage to take a great book and turn it into a great movie, or did they take a great book and turn it into pulp?

I’m breathing a sigh of relief, and buying us tickets online right now. I can’t wait to see it.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

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One thought on “Friday bits and pieces

  1. Bridge to Terabithia, the movie? I’ll wait for your review. The trailers kind of scared me — it looks like the movie may have taken the book way out of direction. Out of context? Heck, you’re the writer. I’ll wait.