Breaking Ben 10 news — big screen and small

Cartoon Network Upfront, which will serve as a portal for all sorts of informational goodness. I’m guessing that you’ll be seeing me go there for exciting news on your favorite shows a lot, in the coming months.

But today, today, I’m so excited I can barely type. Thank goodness for the good people at Toon Zone; they’ve been gathering announcements on the scene in NYC and posting updates for those of us here at home. And those Upfront people have been busy.

First up—you guessed it—hold on for Ben 10 the movie. Except that it gets even better, because it’s actually two movies:

Cartoon Network will produce two movies based on its series Ben 10, the network says.

In the first, an animated film, Ben accidentally sets the Omnitrix on self-destruct and must find its creator to shut it down.

Meanwhile, the network says it is also preparing a live-action film version of the series. [UPDATE: The film will be directed by Alex Winter, star of Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure and voice actor in Saul of the Mole Men and will premiere in December. Casting is still underway.]

Live-action Ben 10? If you want to audition for Heatblast, do you suppose at the casting call they set your hair on fire? Okay, needless to say, I’m guessing there will be some phenemonenal special effects on board for this one.

And in the meantime, if you just can’t get enough Ben 10 on the small screen? Double your pleasure with a second Ben 10 television series:

Cartoon Network will be launching a sequel series to its hit action cartoon Ben 10, which will be entitled Ben 10: Hero Generation.

This new series will focus on a slightly older Ben and Gwen as they team up and mentor a group of children who have similar powers to Ben. The age shift will introduce new, more mature issues, but the target demographic will be the same as the original Ben 10.

No premiere date was given, but Cartoon Network says that it will premiere sometime before Spring 2008.

That’s an awful lot of Ben 10 coming down the pike. I am going to have to give my children plenty of extra chores to offset the extreme joy they’ll be experiencing, I think.

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3 thoughts on “Breaking Ben 10 news — big screen and small

  1. im not sure that this Ben 10: hero generation sounds like a good idea. personally i think the futer deal is hunkeydory but the matureness?…… gonna need a prefrence on slightly mature.

  2. I just did a spot for Publix and have been a featured character in a full lenght horror fim. Where do I try out for this awesome movie??