Love stinks so good

Ah, love. Today is the perfect day to celebrate love in its most important form—classic cartoon depictions, of course.

And who better to hand us all of the best retro love-themed cartoons than Cartoon Network’s Boomerang? They already run all of your favorites 24 hours a day (with no commercials! it’s like a little slice of heaven!), so why would you expect anything less than a Valentine’s Day “Love Stinks” marathon from them? And in that case, who better to star than everyone’s favorite skunk, Pepe Le Pew?

Exactly. Boomerang knows:

Looney Tunes’ ardently amorous skunk will appear in his first-ever solo tribute on Boomerang, fittingly (or sadly, as the case may be) upon the most romantic day of the year. Although his earnest efforts to win the tender affections of unwitting females never quite succeed, he remains love’s greatest champion through his enduring optimism and never-say-die commitment to the pursuit of l’amore. Boomerang will present all 17 Pepe Le Pew animated shorts (including cameo appearances) in chronological order, which will then repeat throughout the day.

(Uh, I don’t actually have to work today, do I? Because I kind of want to just watch cartoons….)

This isn’t just an excuse for classic cartoons, you know. Pepe gives us the perfect allegory for the holiday:

“The world of classic cartoons is filled with famously romantic couples: Popeye and Olive Oil, Fred and Wilma, George and Jane as well as Lois and Clark, to name several,” said Marc Buhaj, vice president of programming and scheduling for Boomerang and Cartoon Network. “But those celebrated pairings needn’t hog the entire Valentine spotlight. I think viewers of all ages at one time or another have experienced the more common heartache of unrequited love, when fragile affections have been spurned and trampled or, at best, ignored. That’s why we decided to give Pepe Le Pew center stage this Valentine’s Day—to serve as a beacon of hope to all who’ve loved and lost, that they too might never give up in their pursuit of romance.”

He’s the character who makes us cringe but inspires us at the same time:

“Pepe was everything I wanted to be romantically. Not only was he quite sure of himself, but it never occurred to him that anything was wrong with him,” [Chuck] Jones once said in an interview explaining why he could so easily identify with the character. “I always felt there must be great areas of me that were repugnant to girls, and Pepe was quite the opposite of that.”

(Wait a minute… I think I may have met Pepe in college….)

Anyway, if Pepe Le Pew isn’t your bag, this afternoon’s Boomerang programming will feature a host of other cartoon greats, including the Smurfs, Tom & Jerry, The Jetsons, and more.

Love may stink, but it’s going to make for an interesting 24 hours of cartoons!

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