Live from Toy Fair 2007, sort of

This week marks the Mecca of the serious toy enthusiast: Toy Fair. (On their site they insist on calling it TOY FAIR, but I refuse to yell about it.) And sadly, I am not in New York City, wandering up and down rows of booths, oohing and aahing over the latest and greatest that the industry has to offer this year.

Hence I am unable to offer you a firsthand account of the wonders that are currently unfolding at the Javits Center. However, I am a wiz with all of the latest technology, such as Googling and linking. (I know, you’re impressed. I’m amazing. And you are lucky to know me.) When the Ty’s team returns they will no doubt have many tales to report, but I am not a patient person. So I have been seeking information wherever I can find it. And I will share!

Need a constant stream of updates, complete with pictures and succinct commentary? Look no further than GoodyBlog. They’re putting up posts titled “Live from Toy Fair” every few hours and I may or may not have them on constant refresh. Let’s just say that they had me hooked with this piece on the upcoming Crocodile Hunter talking doll (they ask, “cool or creepy?” while making it clear that, hello—obviously this is creeptastic), and by the time they featured this adorable tin tea set I just wanted to be five again.

Prefer just the facts, ma’am? Maybe you’d like to just browse through the Toy Fair 2007 Photo Gallery courtesy of ToyWiz. Just don’t click on that link if you have anything else to do for, oh, I don’t know… a few hours. You’ve been warned.

And I have to link to this, because, well, I just have to: Amazing Mister Spider-Potato Head! Hee.

Stay tuned for more Toy Fair goodness as the week goes on.

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