Do you have your candy hearts ready?

If you have kids, you know there’s only two days left until the ultimate extravaganza of construction paper and candy. I’m speaking, of course, of Valentine’s Day.

And if you’re a slacker mother such as myself, perhaps you’re still embroiled in the yearly ritual of making out a zillion little cards and otherwise readying the little ones for a day of mayhem in the name of love.

If you’re a glutton for punishment, it’s possible you’re even one of those Room Moms or have otherwise volunteered to help out at a class party or somesuch, in which case you’re probably really panicking right about now. But don’t worry! There’s still plenty of time and lots of resources out there to get you ready.

Need games for the classroom? comes to the rescue with this listing of Valentine’s games. (I especially like the CUPID Bingo, both because it’s simple and because kids seem to love Bingo more than makes any sense whatsoever.)

Need, well, everything? There’s plenty of links for the taking at DLTK’s Activities Page, and you know I can’t pass up an opportunity to direct you to Family Fun, because they rock.

Are you a teacher or homeschooler? Check out the Valentine’s Day section at A to Z Teacher’s Stuff site. They link to an entire page of thematic lesson plans! Which is great, because what are kids really going to learn after consuming their body weight in chocolate, anyway?

Last but not least, here’s one I love because it gives you a quick and easy way to print out coupon books to use as Valentine’s gifts for your kids. Sure, you could make your own… but these are really cute. And I am lazy. So.

Now go forth and get ready to be Valentiney. I highly recommend telling your kids how much you love them, preferably in a sugary, sappy voice that embarrasses them terribly.

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