Bathtubs and snowboards and goats, oh my

ToonZone reports that Nickelodeon is co-producing five different projects internationally. (ToonZone doesn’t suggest this is part of Nickelodeon’s master plan for world domination, but, obviously.)

The details can be found over at C21Media:

Kids network Nickelodeon is co-developing five new animated projects in partnership with international production houses.

Hiro, Oasis, Bacon and Bunk, Super Charlie and Super Lauren and Noodles! comprise Nickelodeon’s first international development slate, which the network claims demonstrates its commitment to developing diverse content on a global scale.

Read the whole article to get a taste of just how diverse these offerings are; it goes from livestock to snowboarding with several stops inbetween.

I did some scouting around to try to find out more about these projects, and what little I was able to find causes me to give Nick the big thumbs-up.

For example, Bacon and Bunk (pictured above) are a pair of billy goats (no, I wouldn’t have known that from the picture, either). Their short episode “Moby Weenie” was featured at the Palm Springs International Festival of Short Films, with the succinct description: “Bacon and Bunk are two billy goat best friends searching for a stolen hot dog. Can they survive the emotional trauma?”

Hot dogs and emotional trauma. I see they speak my children’s language.

And I was immediately taken by Super Charlie and Super Lauren after visiting the site and watching an episode. Warning: Do not click on play if you are easily offended by snot. Er, cartoon snot. Charlie and Lauren are mild-mannered siblings by day, and superheroes who drop out of the house via their bathtub at night, when the world needs saving. I don’t want to ruin the ending for you, but if you suspect they need to be a little bit disgusting, themselves, to vanquish the Snotasaurus, you are correct.

Super Charlie and Super Lauren is what might happen if Powerpuff Girls and The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy had a love child, I think.

And here’s the official word on all of these projects:

Nina Hahn, VP of development at Nickelodeon International, said the new development represents the voice and vision of creators around the globe, and “continues to promote Nick International’s ongoing mission to find the kid voice lurking in all of us.”

Yes, finding the kid voice lurking in all of us. The kid voice that longs to take over the world. It’s okay, Ms. Hahn. We won’t tell anyone.

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