What’s the deal with Bee Movie?

official site features the (admittedly clever) live-action trailer, which tells us nothing at all about the actual film. But if you want to see Jerry Seinfeld in a ridiculous bee suit (and really, who doesn’t?), you should click through and have a look at it.

Although the film isn’t slated for release until Fall of this year, it’s a hot topic because, well, he’s Seinfeld. The funny man who kept a generation of people interested in “a show about nothing” for years on end must have a killer movie idea, right?

Well, DreamWorks thought so. And this interview with Seinfeld gives some of the backstory on how the project came to be:

But animation was appealing for a number of reasons: like stand-up, there’s time to polish the material and even go back and reshoot scenes. There’s also no restriction on where the scenes are set.

Still, he says his new movie has the feel of his television show. “It’s dialogue driven and adult in some of the tones it has,” he says. “There are things for kids, too, but it feels more like watching an episode of my sitcom.”

It feels like watching an episode of Seinfeld, but with insects? That’s… well… ummmm… hmmm. Let’s just say this wasn’t enough to pique my interest.

But this was:

In the film, a college-educated bee voiced by Mr. Seinfeld becomes disillusioned with his sole career option: making honey. He takes an adventure outside the hive and finds himself adopted by a New York florist. When he discovers that people eat honey, he launches a campaign to get justice for bees. Mr. Seinfeld’s co-stars include Renee Zellweger as the florist, Matthew Broderick as his best bee friend and Mr. Rock as a mosquito.

I would go see this film just to hear the cast. Also, I can’t deny that a college graduate discovering his role in life is now to “make honey” opens a wealth of humor opportunities. So I’ll be crossing my fingers that Bee Movie is actually good.

(P.S. According to the article linked above, Jerry Seinfeld is 52. How did that happen?)

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