You can’t keep a good pair down

Although the split between DreamWorks and Aardman Animation only recently became “official,” the animation world has been buzzing about it for quite some time. Part of the concern has been for what this might mean for the industry as a whole; the perpetual “what about the little guy?” question applies in animation as much as anywhere else.

But the issue goes much deeper than that, all the way to “How is this going to affect me?” I have been fretting for months because I am a huge, unabashed Wallace and Gromit fan. DreamWorks helped Aardman bring the duo to the United States. But their first feature-length film, Wallace and Gromit in the Curse of the Were-Rabbit, didn’t do as well as anticipated, and now with the split… well, what about my favorite plasticine pup? Would this be the end of Wallace and Gromit??

Of course not. The message Aardman Animation sent out yesterday was quite clear:

Wallace and Gromit, the quirky plasticine stars of British cinema, are on the comeback trail.

The film-making partnership of Aardman Animations Ltd and Hollywood’s DreamWorks Animation SKG may have ended on Tuesday but Nick Park, creator of the animated pals, is busy at the drawing board creating a Wallace and Gromit sequel.

“Wallace and Gromit are alive and kicking,” Aardman spokesman Arthur Sheriff said on Wednesday. “There is a project on the table right now.

“It could be television, it could be a feature film. That depends on how the storyline develops. It will go into production as soon as he has finished writing it.”

Personally, as much as I liked Curse of the Were-Rabbit, I still think the previous half-hour Wallace and Gromit movies were even better. I’d be thrilled to see something developed for television.

Oh, who am I kidding—I’d be thrilled to see them on television, in the theater, or swimming in my breakfast cereal. It doesn’t matter to me where they are, just so long as there’s more Wallace and Gromit goodness to be had. And cheese. There should also be cheese. (If you have no idea what I’m talking about, get your hands on a copy of A Grand Day Out immediately.)

Nick Park, if you’re listening, I have just one thing to say: Hurry up. Um, please. Thanks.

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