BrainPOP animates Black History Month

This February (hey, that starts today, how about that), BrainPOP is hosting a special Black History Month section with over a dozen animated shorts on famous figures and events in American Black History.

The picture to the side there was taken from the video about Jackie Robinson, but you can go check out everyone from Malcolm X to Oprah Winfrey, and history from Apartheid to the Harlem Renaissance.

Not familiar with BrainPOP? No worries; Animation Magazine has the backstory:

Founded in 1999 by Avraham Kadar, M.D., BrainPOP has built an archive of nearly 600 animated educational movies. Starring the popular Tim and Moby characters, the shorts cover such core curriculum subjects as science, English, social studies and math, but also tackle current-event topics such as stem cell research, terrorism, SARS, tsunamis and Avian Flu.

Approximately twenty-five percent of schools in the United States currently subscribe to the BrainPOP service. Millions of students regularly watch the movies and exchange messages with the animated characters, who lead them through related activities on the BrainPOP web site.

Although BrainPOP is offered on a paid subscription basis, the Black History Month section will be available to everyone, free of charge, for the entire month. Sure, they’re doubtless hoping you’ll be so enamored of their content that you’ll sign up for regular access, but you don’t have to. And this is a great way to engage kids in learning, and start them off celebrating Black History Month.

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